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Learn to code 100% online for FREE: Is it really possible?

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Learning to code

Is it really possible to learn to code 100% online? Well, maybe. It definitely sounds appealing, especially since University degrees could burn a hole in your pocket. Of course, there’s a difference between knowing how to code and being a developer. But we’ll get to that later.

The truth is, it definitely is possible to learn to code 100% online. It might not be easy, but it sure is possible. Also, online doesn’t necessarily mean free. There are loads of online courses available these days that help you to learn to code. There’s plenty of courses available. Some offer income share schemes like Lambda school. Other course providers ask for a straight-up fee with loan options.

But is it possible to learn to code 100% online for FREE? Damn right it’s possible. It’s also possible to build your own car. But does anyone have the time? I’m not saying that to turn you off, but if you plan on diving into a whole new world without a plan then you’re bound to run into trouble. So what do we need? A plan of course!

How to learn to code online for FREE?

No, I’m not trying to sell you anything and this isn’t some clickbait. Learning to code 100% online is definitely possible, and you can do it for FREE. The first step is to gain a solid foundation. Programming is a huge topic in itself, so we’ll just start with web development. Once you gain enough experience you might want to venture into other types of programming and development. There are a few topics that are essential for every programmer to understand. I’ve listed them below with some resources for you to get started.

One really great course that can help you along your way can is the free course by freeCodeCamp. They have a great set of projects to work on too.

The bottom line

In the near future, I’ll be creating some more articles diving deeper into some of these topics. Hopefully, this will give you a good start though. Of course, the more you practice the more you’ll learn. These are pretty much the core set of tools. You might want to carry on and explore on your own from here. Or stay tuned for more advanced topics in the future.

written by: Admin
February 22, 2020

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